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Providing Technical Assistance

We provide tailored technical assistance on various areas on governance, livelihood, economic development, youth and women empowerment, and corporate governance. Our experts have a diversified set of specialist skills and heterogenous experience – and their robust, objective analysis and the deep technical knowledge are what makes our services so popular.

Economic Development

We support the Fragile and Conflict-affected States (FCS) and developing countries to ramp-up their economic progress by providing experts that would provide economic modelling, projections and tailored advice that can accelerate their march towards sustainable development.

Financial Advisory – Auditing and Assurance

Our Audit team provides high quality audits using the latest technology and agile processes, producing high-quality repots – and to enabling the management/Boards to assess risk, and make better informed decisions. Also, we using our deep analytical capabilities/skills, and providing Assurance that are necessary for today’s complex global markets.

Monitoring & Evaluations

We use a combination of data collection and analysis (monitoring) and assessing to what extent a program or intervention has, or has not, met its stated objectives (evaluation). Our M&E experts employ best tools and frameworks to assess the performance of the projects, programmes, and social initiatives, or investments. We give special consideration to impact project impacts. Also, our Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) service is a clear alternative to the traditional quasi-impact evaluators, and provide a great Value for Money (VfM). We use simplified tools and live reporting mechanism to donors/implementors, with practical solution for adaptive programming and a greater impact.

Political Economy Analysis

We provide advanced political economy analysis that deconstruct the local political dimensions and context across East Africa. Our political economy analysis looks at the dynamic interaction between structures, institutions and actors (stakeholders), to understand how decisions are made, and their implications on development and humanitarian interventions. With the help of our local and international PE experts, we provide the best possible analysis for country/regional discourses.

Climate Change and Environmental Policy

Today, the climate emergency is one of them most pressing challenge our planet faces. We provide specific local climate analysis, studies and context-based evaluations about the impact of climate change across Africa.

How We Pioneer

Responsibility & Teamwork

We take full control of your objectives and make sure we deliver high-quality insights to help you make data-driven decisions

Excellence and professionalism

Our team are fully equiped with the attituides and other qualities to ensure the delivery of desired results

Quality and Commitment

We take pride in putting our utmost dedication into the realization of the results that matter to you.

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