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Who we are?

Primmo Consulting is a professional services provider that delivers quality results with real impact and good value for money. Our services include conducting thorough project evaluations, third-party monitoring, as well as the provision of technical assistance, economic growth, and good-governance advice across East Africa. Our reputation as a regional leader has been built on the positive results our excellent services in one of the world’s most challenging environments.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to “provide a world-class consulting service, delivered by experts, that
accelerate the world’s sustainable development”.

Why Us?

Reliability, experience, and independence are critical—that’s why when we work with our
clients, we set the bar high. We do give each of our clients/assignments the time and
expertise they deserve.

Our History

Formerly known as PACT, Primmo Consulting is an independent consultancy firm established in 2012, and is committed to providing a high quality and reliable services to our clients. Primmo has an extensive pool of diverse expertise and proved track-record of delivering professional consultancies, research studies – both qualitative and quantitative – baseline surveys, and provision of technical assistance to humanitarian and development projects. Today, Primmo Consulting has worked all across Somalia/Somaliland and our experiences and results have led us to become a trusted leader in delivering a comprehensive range of sustainable and high impact evaluations and services. Our focus on collecting first-hand data, critical analysis and producing high-quality reports has remained a constant throughout our history and we pride ourselves on bringing the best minds together to address some of the world’s most challenging issues

Our Values

Primmo Consulting has the following core values:

  •  Integrity and trustworthiness
  •  Responsibility & teamwork
  •  Diversity and respect for all
  • Quality and commitment
  • Excellence and professionalism

Our Capacity

Primmo Consulting is headquartered in Hargeisa, with a presence in Mogadishu, and Garowe.
We also have a team of consultants in Nairobi and the wider East Africa region.

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